Join The Network - The Spirit Stock Network

Spirit Stock has nowhere to go but up and we are looking for creatives to submit work that helps push our mission forward.


- Email info[at] with the headline "Network Contributor Application Request".

- Please include a short bio, links to your website or online portfolio, and social media platforms.

- You still own the rights to your images. Your images can be distributed multiple times (standard license) and used by multiple users (extended license).

- We require image exclusivity. So uploading an image onto Spirit Stock then uploading the exact same image onto another agency is not permitted.

- Confirmed artist member commission payments are distributed monthly.

- Samples of photos of holistic practices we are looking for: ayurveda, aura reading, tai chi, meditation, feng shui, chakras, reiki, seichem, acupuncture, herbalism, naturopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and crystal work.


About Writers: 

- Must have own blog or website to link the article back to

- Have hyperlinked examples of other published works

Blog Posts Must Be: 

- Between 500-800 works (flexible) Written in accessible

- Written in accessible language to reach a wider audience

- Original content that isn’t already published

- Open to editing for formatting and grammar


- Health, wellness, spirituality, happiness

- Commenting or responding to news trends that affect one’s mental/physical/spiritual health - Technology and its effect on health

- Photography


- How-To’s Top Tips, Lessons Learned, and other practical lists

- Success Stories Interviews, narratives, learning moments, skill development

- General article


- Spirit stock receives rights to publish the blog post

- Writer’s Bio and a link to their previous work

- 2-3 sentence pitches with 1-5 article ideas

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