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The Spirit Stock Network's artists are always creating new work and we want to showcase how our stock images and custom photography services are being used by customers.

Media and Press

November 2016

Yoga For You at Six Degrees Health

July 2016

Tonic Toronto - Wish You Were There? OmT.O 2016

Below we outline how stock photos are allowed to be used and what are the restrictions behind misuse. 

Permitted use of images in print media or promotional projects including:

- Newspapers, magazines, books

- Newsletters, brochures, catalogs

- Ads, marketing materials

- Product packaging 

- Posters, postcards, greeting cards, wall decorations (but not for resale or licence) 

Permitted use of images in digital media or promotional projects including:

- Corporate or Educational multimedia presentation, printed presentation, or report

- Commercial film, motion pictures, films or theatrical presentations

- Illustration onWeb site/Blog

- Social media sites including video platforms

- Mobile apps

- Email

- E-books

- Software applications  

Not allowed with any licence type or plan CANNOT Use image to resell items such as:

- Prints, Posters

- Calendars

- Mugs, T-shirts

- Games

- Postcards, Greeting cards

- Screensavers

CANNOT use image in electronic templates including:

- Website templates

- Design templates

- Brochures

- E-greeting cards

- Business cards

Why? You are selling the photographer's image without their consent. It doesn't matter where you put it, if you place the image on an item and sell the item for profit, that is not allowed.

- Using an image in connection with on-demand products, including products where a third party selects an image to be printed or displayed on a product, such as T-shirts that can be customized with an image or make-your-own calendars

- Using an image in connection with an unflattering or controversial subject

- Using an image in pornographic, defamatory or otherwise unlawful use

- Enabling third parties to download, extract or access images as a separate file 

- Using an image in a logo, corporate ID, trademark or service mark

- Designating another person to download images on behalf of multiple users (licences must be purchased for each individual user)

Brian Cash from Alpine Internet brilliantly explains a question some of our customers have had:

Can I re-share the photo I bought to a magazine?

You also do not have the right to give the photo to a third party to use (in this instance, a magazine) without permission. This is a very common misunderstanding. Say you’re an architect, and you paid a photographer to shoot your latest custom home, and you received a very open license to use those photos. A magazine calls and asks if they can use your photos in a story they’re running about you. The answer is a big NO. While you could use those photos in a print advertisement in said magazine, the magazine becomes the user of the photo when they are using it for their own editorial. So they should be negotiating their own license with the photographer. In the same example, if the builder who constructed your beautiful custom home asks for copies of those photos for his portfolio, the answer is also NO. The photo license is for you and you only.

If you have more questions about how Spirit Stock Network images can be used, feel free to contact us.

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