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Guest Post - Author Natoya Hall from Minyma

Grounding is a profound practice that a lot of us don’t step into enough or just do not know what it is. To ground your practice you must learn to ground yourself first! What is grounding? Grounding is the ability to be completely present in your body, which balances the mind, body, and spirit. A lot of times when our outer world is going to shit, when our health is failing us or our mind seems to be racing or we cannot manifest things within our lives is a sign that we are not grounded within our bodies and within our reality.

To be grounded in our bodies mean we have to be at peace with our bodies. We have to give our bodies credit for taking care of us, for healing us, for getting us where we need to be. Gratitude for these amazing vessels that host our spirit automatically grounds us and puts us in a state of peace. Connecting with nature and walking barefoot so you can “feel” the Earth beneath you helps to ground you and makes you feel strong and solid.

When we have mastered the skill to ground our bodies then, and only then, can we master our practice and our purpose. We feel connected to our goals because our goals and passions are tied to our “higher” purpose; everything is interconnected and plays a vital role in how we manifest things into our lives. To ground our practice also calls for us to be honest with what we truly want in our lives. How does this benefit your life, mind, body and spirit? How does this benefit our inner and outer world? And, with this practice can I grow, learn and be in joy? Your body knows when it is doing something inauthentic and it will leave you feeling unbalanced thus making you feel ungrounded.

Everything in life that we are passionate about is a calling or a “remembering” to our soul. Whether it is your business, or a hobby, or even a job has to come from a place of joy and feeling connected on every level to what we are doing. If we ignore the signs of our soul to ground and get connected this is a guaranteed way to manifest dis-ease within the body, mind, and spirit. So, although something as simple as making sure we feel grounded with our practice may seem simple; in retrospect it always comes back to you and your true intentions to why you are doing what you are doing. The bigger picture is ALWAYS your soul calling you back to reconnect and stay true to yourself.

Here are a few things to consider when grounding your practice or your passion:

1. Does this bring me joy and fulfillment?

2. How am I making myself and the world a better place by doing this?

3. Am I doing this because I am passionate about this or just to simply make money (this is really important to differentiate)? 

4. Stay in your body while making any decisions and feel where in your body feels discomfort, pain or happiness. For example if you are giving your power away because you really do not want to do a certain thing you will start to feel pain or discomfort in your stomach (your Solar Plexus Chakra, which governs your power and how you see yourself in the world)

5. Connect to your inner guidance with daily meditation; meditation calms our minds so we can connect with our Higher Selves and get ideas and inspiration from a place of “higher knowing” and your heart instead of only connecting with your mind. Our mind can be biased but our hearts know our true intentions!

Have fun and create with a playful mind! We manifest things faster and ground ourselves better and quicker when we are in a state of contentment and Joy. Happy grounding!

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