Review: OM TO - The Spirit Stock Network

Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. A time to reflect about your growth over the previous winter and spring months. It is also a time to blossom in the warmth of the sun.

The Spirit Stock team arrived at the Distillery District around 11AM. We were welcomed with a sea of colourful mats lined up in rows and hundreds of yogis moving through flows with the instructors on stage. The sun was brilliant that day, so we felt kind of bad for folks who didn't bring a towel along with them - sweat was glistening from everyone's pores (no joke, there was sweat everywhere). Session after session, OM TO provided a variety of instructors who led fantastic sessions.

Three of our favourite moments were (1) an intentional breathing exercise; (2) a group mantra chant; (3) a cute collective "cat paw" stretch to flex sore wrists.

Spirit Stock for OM TO

Two things that we hoped for were (1) more diversity in the attendees; (2) a better balance between physical and spiritual practices. We liked that there were quite a few folks of colour, older folks, and individuals with different body types! Next year we hope to see more.

Overall, the event was fantastic and we recommend it for anyone who is interested in free continuous communal yoga asanas in the sun.

Check out some of the event pictures on the Spirit Stock facebook page!

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