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Guest Post - Author Natoya Hall from Minyma

One of the many character traits we were taught as children was to be independent and achieve what we wanted in life with hard work and dedication. Although there is some truth to this we have also forgotten our magic and the team of helpers that accompany this!

Working hard without the passion and love that we need behind our projects make us live dull and mundane lives that we later regret or resent. The five senses were given to us upon our birth: to smell, see, taste, touch and hear. But behind these five senses we are capable of doing much more with our “unseen” senses such our inner knowing, our empathetic gifts and our team of divine warriors who are a call away when we need help. Living in a dimension that has wiped our memory and put us in a perpetual state of amnesia doesn’t help either!

Every single human on this planet is assigned a team of Spirit guardians, Angels and Star families to always be there when we need them. We feel, at times, that our simple wants don’t warrant their help but if we truly knew how simple and EASY life could be. Or better yet, how divinely guided life would be; we would call on the Universe more for support. An example a lot of us face is figuring out our purpose; Why am I here? What am I meant to do? And, how do I accomplish this? An easy ritual my guides have taught me is to write down your passions, what you cannot go a day without doing, what gives you butterflies when you think of making this passion a part of your daily life. Write this down in a Journal titled “REMEMBERING”. Your passion and your purpose aren’t new or just created. You were incarnated on Earth to live this very purpose but because of the density down here, you have forgotten.

Our Love and passion for certain things are our triggers to remembering what we REALLY came down here to do! Make this a fun exercise; the energy of fun, joy, and happiness opens up our mind and our Chakras so we can easily step into our true divine purpose. Once you have completed this exercise over the span of a few days, months, or years start incorporating these joys in your everyday life. If your passion is fixing things, find workshops that do just this, hang around more people that have these same passions - this is the quickest way to remembering why you truly are here and manifest it into your life!

Know that the Universe lies within you and it is an act of radical self-love that returns us home to remembering. Along your journey of living, remember to call in your team for their support, expertise, and advice; they will support you with joy and eagerness because their sole role is to be there for you to support, love and guide you. They make your journey easier to walk through.

Going within using meditation to connect with your higher selves is an instant connection to our inner Universe and the Universe around you. Ask the Universe for support with your love life, with your abundance, with your health, with absolutely everything, there is no task or wish too small or too big for “them” to help with! The secret is listening and trusting your gut and your inner senses and

The secret is listening and trusting your gut and your inner senses and know that you are not only powerful and are a master-in-training but you have an army behind you, waiting for you to call on them for support. So, reach up and let them give you a helping hand!

Natoya Hall

All rights reserved

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