Healing Ceremony lead by Cassandra Thompson - The Spirit Stock Network

January 8th, 2017

Photography by Fonna Seidu from The Spirit Stock Network

Organized by Natoya Hall from Goddess Ceremonies

Session led by Cassandra Thompson from Crystal Root & Conjure

As we enter into a new year, we make a recommitment to self-definition; we make a recommitment to achieve our goals; we make a recommitment to take care of our bodies...so let's also recommit to our ancestors; let's recommit to spirit.

What must we empty ourselves of so that we can be filled with spirit? What herbs and roots can take us there? How can we protect ourselves from those that are earth bound, while we open ourselves up to the shadow realm?

This month's ceremony will host a teaching on Papa Elegba, who is the gatekeeper of the shadow realm and a guide of the most honest and hard kind.

What opportunity can he open us up to? What has he BEEN doing that we've never thanked him for? How can we offer our thanks and begin open exchange with our ancestors?

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