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“Affirmations are positive statements and they need to be spoken with absolute, unadulterated faith. If you only speak with your mouth, without an iota of feeling in your heart and belief in your mind, then you’re going the wrong way! You need to feel the vibrancy, the truth, and the positivity of these statements. You need to write them on your mind-slate, create an indelible influence, and engrave them in your consciousness. You can only do that by following the Three Golden Rules of Affirmations – Repetition, Belief, and Positive Expectation. Remember, by making affirmations, you are consciously programming your mind to think in a certain way, so that hopeful and happy thinking becomes a part of your being. Affirmations are a way to train the mind; and training happens when you practice, practice, practice! Training requires conscious effort, discipline, belief, and consistency. That is exactly how you need to practice your affirmations.”

― Manprit Kaur, The Little Book of Big Affirmations

1. I will always be there for myself

2. I learn from the past

3. I deserve whatever good comes my way

4. I am making good use of my skills, resources, and abilities every day

5. I have limitless potential to achieve my goals

6. Every moment I step into is wonderful

7. I am a quick learner

8. I feel charged and energized by work

9. I trust my capacity to love others

10. I love the way I am

11. Happiness always surrounds me

12. I step out of my comfort zone

13. My success or failures do not define me

14. I can do anything I set my mind to

15. When I am content, I inspire others

16. I am good at talking the talk and walking the walk

17. Being my own boss is a responsibility I handle carefully

18. I focus my energy on what feeds my passions and desires

19. I have the power to create the time I need for what I desire to do

20. I can learn and have fun simultaneously

21. There is an abundant amount of resources for all to share

22. I see the bigger picture when operating my business

23. I am loved

24. I have all that I need to get what I want

25. Money and wealth comes to me easily

26. I have lots of fun

27. I am fulfilling my purpose through my business

28. My team is growth and success driven

29. Time is on my side

30. I have a magnetic and dynamic personality

31. I invite positive change

32. I easily find solutions to challenges

33. My income is growing every day by doing something I love

34. I surround myself with loving friends and family members

35. I am good at letting go of what no longer serves me

36. I invest in myself and my team

37. I’m now building my clientele daily

38. Everything I encounter is blessing in disguise

39. I wake up with the best job in the world

40. I create a healthy work-life balance

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